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Seattle's Best Gourmet Hot Dog, Sausage and Sandwich Restaurant

High-quality gourmet hot dogs and sausages - made fresh to order - and delicately garnished with fresh toppings in one of 32 different styles from around the world.  It's a hot dog like you've never tasted before!  Our diverse menu features eight kinds of protein (beef, turkey and sausages), along with gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options.  And if you're not in the mood for a hot dog, try one of our 12 different sandwiches, a tamale, bowl of chili, ice cream or a side of our potato salad. 

Not in the mood for a hot dog or sausage?  Try one of our amazingly great deli sandwiches!  Piled up with delicious deli meats and delicately garnished with fresh toppings!  Forget all of the other sandwich shops - Picnic’s has the best quality and value in all of Washington!

Amazing Quality

Taste the difference!  Our hot dogs, sauages and sandwhiches are made from hormone-free meat and the finest ingredients available. Free of all fillers, nitrates, gluten, artificial colors, artificial flavors, MSG and trans fat, our all-natural hot dogs are the best you'll find.  A quality hot dog's unique "snap" creates an enjoyable sensation when you take each bite.  We achieve this snap by using only top quality, all-natural casings.  Bite into a Picnic's hot dog and you'll agree: At Picnic’s Hot Dogs, you don’t just get a good hot dog, you get a GREAT Hot Dog!

Fresh Creations

Your order deserves our closest attention and is never rushed.  Every hot dog and sandwich is built before your eyes with our wide selection of fresh toppings.  From our homemade coleslaw and all-beef chili, down to our toasty steamed buns, we serve each creation piping-hot to thrill you down to the last bite.