Picnic's Dogs - Available in 32 different styles

Gourmet Hot Dogs (Any of 32 Styles)             $4

Snappy Dog (Boar’s Head Brand - Gluten Free)

Jumbo All Beef (Gluten Free)

Chicken Apple Sausage

Polish Sausage (Bavarian Meats - Gluten Free)

Spicy Polish Sausage (Gluten Free)

Bratwurst (Bavarian Meats - Gluten Free)


Upgrade to a UDI's Gluten Free Bun             $.50

Kids Menu

Kids Dog                                                          $2.50

Kids Corn Dog                                                 $2.50

Kids Meal                                                         $4.49

Not-a-Dog Sandwiches                        $4.49

Hot Pastrami - Thinly sliced pastrami served with yellow mustard & Kosher dill pickle spears

Pastrami Kraut - Thinly sliced pastrami served with sauerkraut, deli mustard & thousand island dressing

Pastrami Slaw - Thinly sliced pastrami served with homemade coleslaw & honey mustard

Hot Italian Beef - Shaved roast beef with Italian seasoning, soaked in au jus and served with onion & giardiniera

Beef Dip - Shaved roast beef soaked in au jus and served with grilled onions & horseradish

Great Grizzly - Shaved roast beef served with nacho cheese and crushed Fritos

Corned Beef - Corned beef served with yellow mustard & kosher dill pickle

Corned Beef Kraut -  Corned beef served with sauerkraut, deli mustard & Russian dressing

Corned Beef Slaw - Corned beef served with coleslaw & Russian dressing

Bacon Slaw Tomato - Crisp bacon strips served with coleslaw & tomato slices

Carolina Pulled Pork - Smoked pulled pork served with coleslaw and BBQ sauce

Seth Deluxe - Smoked pulled pork served with crushed Fritos, cheddar cheese & BBQ sauce

Tex-Mex Entrees 

Tamale                                                                $3.99

Ground Beef surrounded by a corn meal masa.  Served with chili, cheese, onions and tomatoes

Frito Pie                                                              $3.99

Fritos brand corn chips covered with our American chili, cheese and onions

Nacho Pie (Gluten Free)                                     $3.99

Fritos brand corn chips covered with nacho cheese, onions, sour cream & jalapeños

Chili Deluxe                                                        $3.99

Our amazing tasting all-beef chili served in a large bowl with our neon green relish, diced onions, sour cream and shredded cheese.

Taste of Home Sides

Homemade Coleslaw (Gluten Free)                 $2.00

Creamy coleslaw made fresh in the store each day - it’s just too good to pass up!

Potato Salad                                                     $2.00

Traditional mustard potato salad, a family favorite.

Corn Coblets (Gluten Free)                              $2.00

Delicious super sweet corn coblets.

Chili                                                                   $2.00

A cup of our all beef chili.

Baked Beans (Gluten Free)                              $2.00

Meal Extras

Chips or Cookies (Many Gluten Free)                $1.25

Dill Pickle  (Gluten Free)                                     $2.00

Apple Sauce (Gluten Free)                                 $1.25

Fountain Drinks (Pepsi Brands)                $1.60/$1.80/$2.00

Kids Juice or Milk                                                $1.25

Bottled Beverages                                               $1.90

Ice Cream & Floats

One and Two scoop cone                           $1.80/$2.50

Choose from 8 different delicious flavors of ice cream

Ice Cream Floats                                           $2.80/$3.50

Wide range of soda’s to choose from - including Root Beer, Orange, Mountain Dew, Pepsi and more!